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no Alicia, yes the headphones look silly with your fake bunny ears
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+ Barbwires met and filmed 44 SD min of every one of these bands and many more +
Bands may obtain previously streamed videos upon written request using email
Fight for life Stage

Artist Previously Featured
Barbwires "Fight For Live" Stage

Joe Stump - (Berklee Instructor) the choppin block with a shredder
Sympatico (Jaz-Mobi, with Shawn McLaughlin) - check out Steve's solo
Jaz-Mobi Project - Steve Thomas' Jazz (Berklee Alumni @ Cakewalk)
Baby Strange - 2003 BCN Rumble - "Be Like My Girl"
Baby Strange - SyncMixed with Studio Track -"Don't Care"
Vibrotica - set opener, great band
Eastcide - "...we're from hell"
Tree - at the Palladium 911 benefit concert
HJP - "Life under a Haverhill bridge" video featuring "Time Machine"
C60 - Keith and company...
Shawn McLaughlin and Smorgasbord - The residency at the Abbey...
Smorgasbord with Shawn McLaughlin - Intelligence in this air...
The Curses - CD release, here's Paratrooper baby...
Soul Be Free - yeah, Grady who?...
Thousand Days - thanks Josh!
Audrey Ryan Band - Vibes are hypnotic
Audrey Ryan Band -'s another
Catapult - ...have fun touring the U.K.
Nancy Mroczek, Phd and the Plugheaded Monkeys - Wow
Let it Ride - Death by Misadventure, brand new in Cambridge
Let it Ride -Don't Hang The Rap On Me
Baby Strange - From the The Pill compilation - "Don't Care"
Baby Strange - "Everybody Wants You"
Baby Strange - "Suicide Girl"
Baby Strange - "Broken Heart Mechanic"
Baby Strange - "Nobody Knows You "
Eastcide - A personal favorite
Tree - at the Palladium
Stratejacket - These guys are excellent
Shawn McLaughlin - Enjoyably Expressive and tight...
Nancy Mroczek, Phd and the Plugheaded Monkeys - (submitted)
Joe Stump - An outstanding performance
Vibrotica - a must see, excellent music...
Starr Faithfull - Yes
Five Nine - Yes, this is nice
Angry Hill - High kinetic energy, Almost Eight Promotions & Mgt
Crumble - Tight performance, courtesy Cynthia Donovan
C60 - Keith and the boys are tight tonight
C60 - need more proof, here it is
Voodoo Screw Machine - From Est Fest, incredible performance
God's Little Joke - nice
The Flames - back from europe, great performace
Sumo - Present an excellent ballad
Tootsie - Lucky Dog live before their CD release
The Deadites - Opening song
The Deadites - a favorite
The Deadites - Donna Matrix
Deadites - Always incredible
Waltham - Can you guess from Waltham Ma.
Stratejacket - Live at the Lucky Dog
Driftwood - Check out their energy
Huck - These guys are good, did they forget lyrics?
Hedwig and The Angry Inch (from the NYC play)
The Flames - What Did You Expect?, ...(back from London)
Fatbone - Played once at the Dog
Starr Faithfull - Excellent guitar work
9Th Wave - Surf, Spy rock from Conn.
Caged Heat - Two diverse songs
Gutta Music - Played on WAAF
Sugar Daddy - great riffs
Through the Hollow - Live
Green Island - SKA, Need we say more?
Adrinochrome - Live at the Music Hall
Nullset - High level music and energy
Sub Genus - Nice stuff, distinctly different
Drinkfist - Solid, tight, sound
EOD - From the anninversary party
Velvet Whores - cheep sunglasses, courtesy
Primerib - a new favorite
One Dot One - great original
Motokops 2000 - Karma Chamelion, listen
Dark Flowered Music - some nice material
The Balls - These guys are unique

Fatbone - At the MDA Benefit
Ho Ka HA - At the MDA Benefit
Lucubro - At the MDA Benefit
The Balls - At the MDA Benefit
Art Student - At the MDA Benefit
The Curtain Society - At the MDA Benefit
Huck - At the MDA Benefit
Indignation - At the MDA Benefit
Were all gonna die - True
Uncle Billys Smoke House - Nice...
BenderX - which bender is this...?
Tunnel Drill - good stuff
Nebulas - catch a wave
Spin Star - is that precious metal...
Go! - Tight stuff
T Flight Davis - Blues with attitude (cover)
Less Than Last - Nice
Widemouth - These guys are likeable
Walston - Very tight sound and style
Substitute - another cover...
Event - This is truly fine music
Rare Occurrence - tastefull stuff
Garrison - These guys rock
Kismet - Interesting blend of styles
9 Volt Superhero - Very nice sound
Deny Everything - that guy looks familiar
Starr Faithfull - New, from their CD release party
Tootsie - From their CD release party
Wunderlick - good vocals
Oversight - These guys rock
Burncycle - A new favorite, watch these guys...
Deep Six - Jimmy DeAngelo's back and Life is Good
Cold Steel Crown - Metal
Slave to Marie - formerly Widemouth
Alienist Outfit - from this planet...
5 Pump Chump - At the Lucky Dog
Average White Boys - Take a Whiff
Omniblank - These guys are good
Eastcide - I love these guys...
Stratejacket - Heres another one before localbazooka
Officer Down - Here is another band I like
unidentified band - at the Lucky Dog
Seymour Glass - cool stuff
Whiskey Down - good sounds
Patty Keough - Founder of the Est Fest
Nominal - Opener for the Est Fest
Nominal - anoher one from Nominal
Hedwig and The Angry Inch - Headlining the Est Fest
Sheckta - long overdue, tight performance
12 Step Program - we are not talking recovery here
Controlled Burn - These guys are outta Springfield
Auditory Dysfunction - ohh, I like that name
Moist Chicken - What can you say, you need to see them
NDX - These guys have some nice stuff
Dysfunction - ohh, I like that name
Moist Chicken - What can you say, even more...
NDX - These guys have some nice stuff
NDX - another one from NDX
Desengate - I like em
Charliefreak - nice material
Simple Discource - some really nice stuff here
Killstepp - hot band, nice show
Suckapunch - I like these guys
Teiousekkai - A
Dog Leg - You know our name, here's our music...
Baby Strange - Excellent - like these guys, and thanks to Benny
Baby Strange - strangely I'm reminded of "Observatory Crest
Five Nine - Excuse me, I believe this train's an express
Average White Boys - Here they are again
Drillin 3s - Good sounds from these guys
Trumystic - Sultry sounds from Brooklyn
Goats Head Soup - my most fav band in the world, well almost..
Willis and the Tall Kitchen Bags - fluid, what planet are they from?
Willis and the Tall Kitchen Bags - can't get enough of this

Not all bands filmed are included
For changes, corrections, copyright issues, or to be included, send email to mrbungle, thanks

We process 'takedown' requests in the blink of an eye.

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Middle East
Abbey Lounge
Lucky Dog Music Hall
T.T. the Bears
LA Weekly - Jukebox
Hans Olson, AZ Blues Artist
Jack Alves, AZ Blues Artist
Rock 'N Roll Genome Project
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Woodstock 3 Days Of Peace And Music Director's Cut 40Th Anniversary Ultimate Collectors Edition (Dvd) Dvd from Warner Bros.

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