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no Alicia, yes the headphones look silly with your fake bunny ears
"When the going gets tough, the weird turn pro" - Hunter S. Thompson


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* We are a radio station now, videos are offline *
Barbwires original intent was to add Video support for Radiostorm
due to collapse of message impression rates, revenue evaporated
Radiostorm closed in 2004 and barbwires continued video artist support

+ Barbwires met and filmed 44 min of every one of these bands and many more +
Bands may obtain previously streamed videos upon written request using email

For changes, corrections, copyright issues, or to be included, send email to mrbungle, thanks

We process 'takedown' requests in the blink of an eye.

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Middle East
Abbey Lounge
Lucky Dog Music Hall
T.T. the Bears
LA Weekly - Jukebox
Hans Olson, AZ Blues Artist
Jack Alves, AZ Blues Artist
Rock 'N Roll Genome Project
26K lost seconds...
Eddie's Comments:
During all taping at Lucky Dog, constants were Nuemann mics and set up, the rest depended on Band, Mixer/Sound, Settings, and possibly Maker's Mark - figure it out - your sound matters - Check out Vibrotica for a Benchmark Example of what happens when your in control of your sound.
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and thanks to Fisher Stevens, for his advice at Nantucket Island

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Woodstock historic collection available here from Warner Brothers
Woodstock 3 Days Of Peace And Music Director's Cut 40Th Anniversary Ultimate Collectors Edition (Dvd) Dvd from Warner Bros.

Woodstock 3 Days Of Peace And Music Director's Cut 40Th Anniversary Ultimate Collectors Edition (Dvd) Dvd from Warner Bros.

1969 was a year unlike any other. Man first set foot on the moon. The New York Mets won the World Series against all odds. And for three days in the rural town of Bethel, New York, half a million people experienced the single most defining moment of music.

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